A turn of the world
the crew the route means of transport Outside equipment Interior fitting 

the crew

Bruno, 42 years old


I'm a Fireman. I like sport. It's a necessity for my job, and my equilibrium.
I've a passion for Travel, Photography and writing in my spare time.
I pratice hiking with my family.It's an opportunity to recharge one's batteries.
I'm member with my wife of ABM an association which encourages responsable tourism.

   Jonathan, 17 years old

I'm a secondary scholl student. I'm going to pass my exam before the great trip.
I like a lot of sports : basketball, athletics, and gymnastics.
I've a great passion for  the circus arts, and particulary juggling.

Véronique, 41 years old

              I'm a nurse. I like to help people to accomplish their dream.
I'm member with my husband of " rêve d'enfant " an association which helps Mathis a boy who is disabled.
We hope he will be able to walk one day.
Travel is for me an opportunity to meet, to dicover, and to share.
My passions ? Cooking for my family's pleasure, and Theatre, my private domain..

Ours Land Rover
I’m the youngest, and the strongest.
I’m nearly ready to travel around the world.
They must finish preparing me, and  finding
 me a name !

the route

the route isn't define. We will choice after, but we have two solutions :

trajet 2                         trajet 1              

means of transport

      We want to be able to discover regions that are inaccessible. So we must be self-sufficient.
We have decided to use a four wheel drive which is robust, simple, and know to be reliable :
A 2006 Land Rover Defender 110 TD5.

Interior fitting

Our vehicle will be our means transport, but also our house...
Four square meters will be a dining room, kitchen, and bedroom.
We begin to replace lateral windows with aluminum panels.
Thermal insulation is an essential stage to protect us from heat and the cold.

A second battery will give us enough energy for the fridge, pump, and lights when we stop in the bivouac.
A transformer will give us 220 volts to charge a P.C, camera...

Two tanks of water ( 70 and 90 liters ) are fixed behind the seat.
An outside pump feeds a tap in the rear door.
We can adapt a small shower on this tap, and
 a filter gives us drinking water.

The kitchenette is made up of a camping stove.
An extractor of air with outside discharge, ventilates the interior.
Finally, we have stowed a casserole dish in the wall, with all kitchen utensils.


All interior fitting is made with a resinous plywood CTBX.
In a " day position " we can take our meal comfortably sitting.


In a " night position " we have a 2m X 1,4 m X 1,1 m bed ( 1,1 meters wide for legs).
Three mattresses complete the equipment for a comfortable sleeping.

Outside equipment

We added an additional tank of 45 liters in odder to increase the range.

Another essential piece of equipment is the snorkel. It  protects the engine from dust and the water.
A roof rack with an extended front section will carry a tent for our son and two trunks for light equipment

For protection we have fixed a diff guard, an aluminum steering guard, and a nudge bar
A spare wheel carrier relieves the rear door. A second spare wheel will be fixed on the bonnet reinforced by another spare wheel carrier.
 With rings on the front and on the back we will be able to pull our car with a manual winch if it gets stuck.